G-1000 Pilots? Who are willing to teach Auto-Pilot?

Hi All,

I am still learning to fly (mostly learning the electronics) and I am struggling with the G-1000 in particular when it comes to landing. Having trouble with the autopilot, decent as it relates to the ILS landings, I know from what I have read and what I have seen on Youtube it should automatically nearly land itself with only throttle input.

I have been flying with a friend that I met on here and it’s great, however we are both a little confused and neither one of us really can figure it out.

I am looking for someone preferably more around my age in the 40 plus age range, no offense but I can’t keep up with the younger crowd and the pace that they try to teach.

Thanks, Zac.

Btw, I am in the CST if that helps.

Good afternoon sir,

If you are on Discord, send me an invite skypilotYTS#0670

If you are able to share your screen (with the G1000) I can watch / talk you through it.

I’m a young whipper snapper though at 39 :wink:

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Hey SkypilotYTS,

I am on Xbox Series S and I don’t have Discord. I think I forgot to mention.

My bad,

It may help if you give a description of what you are doing (the steps) what you expect the G1000 to be doing and what it’s actually doing.

Also do you have the G1000 WorkingTitle mod installed from Marketplace?

I can do that!

I have my approach and runway setup that I set up from the world map. I have the NXi Mod from the Marketplace.

Here is an example I fly from (KALN - Bethalto - St. Louis Reginal) to (KSPI - Abraham Lincoln Captial ).

So I have my magenta navigation line from the cockpit at the start from I hit the FLY button, I take off and fly to the first steer point - that starts the turn towards ILS Runway 31. I start backing off the throttles to slow down from 120 down around 100. I let the autopilot with NAV mode steer me around through the steer point that is the first decent of altitude down to 2600 at the apex of the turn. I usually am within 500 higher than the 2600 because I am not great at decent.

The GPS Nav automatically turns to LOC 1 with the G1000 - so I assume that the CDI button is already done for me. So once I get straightened out I push the arrow button that switches the frequency on the nav radio and start to decend and cut power to get down to 2100 the localizer picks up and then somewhere in between that steer point and the one right before the run way either the auto pilot automatically disengages or it starts steering off course and it doesn’t seem to take over decending with the throttle input and it either goes past the airport or makes wild off course moves. And that’s even with hitting the approach.

I have looked everywhere for a step by step and no matter what the guides help with certain aspects but not all. And with youtube it’s hard to watch a video and fly at the same time.

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If you haven’t come across him yet search “Kip on the ground” on Youtube. He does excellent tutorials.

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1st add the G1000 NXi mod from the marketplace, it makes a lot of difference.

Program the departure and arrival in world planner but the approach / ILS in the cockpit.

Make sure you are at the correct altitude for ILS interception, keep speed down when coming up to ILS fix, once you are lined up and have the GS diamond on the altitude ribbon, press APPR for approach mode, as the diamond reaches midway autopilot should lock on and put the plane onto the glide slope all the way down, you can land by AP but its not meant for it and will be rough/hard with no transition/flare. I tend to kill the AP and land about 150-200 feet.

the G1000 NAV source should be on LOC1 before glide slope fix, if not it will not work, you must have the correct ILS freq in the nav radio and the display should be green with the ILS identifier.

On youtube, Simhangar and kip on the ground plus others have excellent G1000 vids - search “G1000 ILS”


Thanks for the response, I found the right “Kip On The Ground” YouTube video and it was much easier explained and this also helped.


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That’s only true if the ILS frequency is known to the G1000 in the flight plan. In some cases this information is not present so it will not auto switch. In these instances its necessary to manually enter the ILS frequency into the navigation radios and manually switch the CDI to Loc1 at the appropriate time on final approach.

Its so vital to know this otherwise as somebody trying to learn this stuff finds out the hard way, sometimes ILS works and other times it doesn’t and ends up missing the approach and wondering why.

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