G-1000 turns airplane around when I activate an approach

Brief description of the issue:
When I am flying to an airport when I pick an approach and a transition, the G-1000 HSI, map, and autopilot initially start me direct to the fix, then after a second, turn the airplane around and make it go back to the point where I hit activate approach. The map then adds a hook to the magenta line and makes me follow it back to the point. Both the map, HSI, and autopilot do this.
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Navigate to any airport (I experienced this issue multiple places and approaches including LGMK and the RNAV runway 4 right at LIPZ. The aircraft used was the DV-62 and I have had the same issue in the King air and TBM

I’m guessing you don’t have the WT mods installed?

No I do not

I recommend them highly. I have everything they offer except the Citation mod (but that’s only because I’m not interested in hair dryers). The G1000 mod addresses the U-turn issue and introduces a slew of additional features, including the ability to dim the displays so that they don’t blind the pilot at night. It may also address your Direct To issue, but I’m not sure. Either way, it’s a good thing to have. You can get all of their mods here. It’s 100% drop-in into the Community folder, so if you don’t like it, removal is as easy as hitting the delete button.

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