G1000 Creating flight plan stuck on duplicates

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Brief description of the issue:
Manually creating plight plan on G1000 in Cessna Caravan.
Selecting the airport FACT (Cape Town) a duplicates window is flashing on the screen.

Cannot get past the screen

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PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile) Xbox SS

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a) regarding getting past the screen:
Did you try turning the outer knob to select one of the duplicates, then hitting the ENT key?

b) regarding the duplicate nav entries in the first place:
Was it showing two duplicate copies of the same airport in the same location? I’ve seen this with several airports such as KSFO, while having the Navigraph nav data installed. I don’t know whether it happens if Navigraph is uninstalled, I haven’t tested that yet. Note also that removing the Navigraph data directly from the Community folder will break things – do not do it! Use the Navigraph data installer app to remove the plugin, and it will properly update things in the simulator.

I have that reproducible without Navigraph (never had it installed), on PC (so not limited to Xbox).

Try spawning at LFMN and enter a route from LFMN to LFML (direct) via G1000 or GNS530 or GTN750,… one of the two airports (don’t remember which one) will show as a duplicate and you’re prompted to choose one.

No idea what’s the issue there. My guess is that there’s a bug in the JavaScript API returning the navdata matches.

By the way, I think you again have to enable the cursor (press the bottom right knob on the MFD), if I remember correctly.
In my case I always was able to select one of the duplicates and go on with my flight, with all the units I tested.

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The issue is not the fact that I am getting duplicates, but that the screen with the duplicates on keeps on rendering itself (so it’s flashing about 3 times a second) all the time and you cannot select a airport. Being on the XBOX no
3rd party software installed like Navigraph