G1000 Nearest Selection

G1000 not able to select nearest. Airports on PFD can be highlighted but not selected. On MFD I can hover over nearest airport but nothing is highlighted. There must be a setting to allow for selecting nearest. Ideas?

its the same with the nxi.
Go out of the nearest and do it again, works for me 100%.

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I think the issue maybe a menu setting with one of the option menu outside of the G1000".

Generally, rotating the Large FMS dial moves the cursor between airports. There is no way or need to “select” an airport from that screen. The “nearest” function basically just gives you the information you might need very quickly (e.g. engine fire, electrical failure, Mandatory bathroom break!). It doesn’t feed into the “direct to” function or any other function. In the G1000 manual, the keymap doesn’t show any feed into any other systems or procedures, it just displays the nearest airport ID and some important airport information you’d need quickly.

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