G1000 Screen is too dim to read

Hello. On my Kodiak the center screen is much brighter than the pilot and co-pilot screens. It is very difficult to read the G1000. I have searched for any brightness/dimmer buttons but haven’t found any. Thanksl

Did you look in the g1000 menu?

Press MENU on the PFD (assuming you are using nxi)

I just bought the Kodiak. Using default G1000 as the Nxi screws up all training lessons involving the G1000. I cant see my screens either. Ever figure out a solution?

Update… Check out this page for known issues and solutions. Thr solution for the dim screens is near the bottom. Just hit your menu button on the left screen/ PFD and the brightness corrects to normal. Known issues - Kodiak 100 - SimWorks Studios

As soon as you download the GitHub G1000, the Garmin screen of the Kodiak becomes no longer readable but almost black (looking like switched off), and all the labeling of the engine parameters and turbine indicators are gone.

Sorry but the Kodiak and that G1000 from the Marketplace are not compatible :wink: