G2 - view keeps jumping around in cockpit

Is this what people call “tracking issues”?

Doesn’t happen all the time, but quite often my view jumps around left and right, up and down, and I have to reset my camera view to center. My room is dark, there is no light that can “confuse” the G2 (well, other than the monitor). What could be causing this and can I fix it? It’s really annoying.

I think the G2 needs light for the positioning system to work. I initially tried with a dark room and couldn’t get all 6dof axes to work at all in tracking. I found I needed to use the G2 with the room light on … it’s a fairly bright even light and no problems since.

I feel a bit odd sitting with the headset on and the light blazing … but seems to work. Try with lights on.


The G2 actually needs a fair amount if light. Way more than Oculus needs for their inside out tracking.

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Thank you. Turned on the lights and that did the trick.

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A nice bright desk lamp seems to work well too. I also had this problem early on

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