G3000 for the tbm 930

How good is the G3000 mod for the TBM 930? And where can I download it.

It’s built into the plane.

Are you referring to the Mod by Working Title team?

The G3000 mod offers a lot of extra functionality the stock Asobo version doesn’t. At the core, it’s still the Asobo code, but the Working Title team have made it look better and added a bunch of cool, useful features. I’ve been using it since it first came out and I honestly couldn’t imagine flying the TBM or Longitude without it now.


Thanks for the info, I will give it a try.

That sounds great … Any crashes to desktop or issues with it?

No CTD issues I’m aware of. Or at least none that I’ve experienced.

It hasn’t been updated since Patch 5 I believe, but it’s still stable. I don’t use the CJ4 mod, but G1000/3000/3X are all working so far, they’re present on the the planes I fly the most.


I didn’t realize it would work with the longitude as well!

I just checked the G3000 README file on GitHub, but I didn’t see an answer to this question. When I put the G3000 mod in my community folder, will it automatically be loaded into all planes that it is compatible with? Do I have to do anything special to get it to work with the Longitude?

Thank you!

I can’t speak for other planes as I’m exclusively using the TBM, but it loads up automatically for the TBM, I didn’t have to configure/do anything special.

I installed the G3000 mod and it works great !!!. And no CTD. Thanks again.

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At the moment, there are 2 only - the TBM and Longitude. And it works with both. Nothing else needs to be done.

Thank you!

Thank you. Gonna try it out with the Longitude ASAP!

Hello Gang. I’m confused. What is the file I need to drop into the Community folder? There seem to be various out there for this mod.


When I put the workingtitle-G3000 in the community folder, when I added power to the TBM none of the screens came on. After I removed the mod, the screens worked again. Unless you’re talking about another mod.

That’s the mod everyone is using. Ensure that you have the latest version. Now sure why it wouldn’t be working for you. It works for everyone else.

I put it in again and it works good. I don’t know what happened before. I like all the extras.

I would say the mods are pretty great for those garmin devices. The one for the TBM makes some huge improvements, especially in the UI.

That mod is tempting, any feedback about the FPS cost ? (I play with a 2080 Ti)

It’s a big improvement.

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