G3000/TBM930 - touchscreen input

Hi there, looking for a little advice.

Trying to find if there is an app or other fix that will allow the G3000 input touchscreen to be properly simulated on a tablet (Windows or iPad)?

Ive tried using screen-sharing app (Spacedesk) to share a popped out window. This had two basic issues: the popped out window did not include the softkeys or dial controls to swap modes/zoom etc and secondly, as MSFS was configured to detect mouse inputs on the window, it wasnt recognising touch screen inputs well at all.

I know there is an app someone has developed on flightsim.to, but as far as I can tell this shows the MFD screen - not the input screen and that the thing that would really benefit from being taken out of the virtual cockpit.

Thanks for any suggestions/views.


A couple of us asked the same question in this thread. Sadly there has been no response from ASOBO and the thread has only garnered a measly 3 votes :frowning:

Huh. Not the best. It probably needs some hardware addon too for the softkeys and dial knobs. I will wait and see if anyone more code savvy than me ever develops a solution.