G3000 v 0.7.5 Problems

Just downloaded and tested the next version of the G3000 from Working Title. First, Direct To does not paint a magenta line to the waypoint, and the plane wanders off. Second, after putting in flight plan and flying it, when the plane banks so does the artificial horizon. Took it out of AP and flew by hand and the horizon banked right along with me. Reloading v 7.4. (Do they test this stuff??)

Does this happen ?? Same problem for everyone ??

What specifically is wrong?

Moved to Third Partu Addon. #third-party-addon-discussion

horizon and bank angle lines do not move

Had same problem with Mugz Mod. Deleted it and most stuff worked

Mugz Mod that was updated for SU6 or the Mugz Mod from before SU6?

I may be being stupid…but is there a mixMugz mod that has been updated for SU6? Nothing on the Github page.

I dunno. But if he hasn’t updated the mod then I would expect problems with SU6 until he does. That’s kind of par for the course.

There is a V 0.7.5 that was put up yesterday and it is flawed. I used it and then went back to V 0.7.4 (I think those rev numbers are correct). I am sure a better one will be coming along in a bit. Here is where I got it: TBM930 Improvement Mod » Microsoft Flight Simulator

You seem to be confusing the Working Title G3000 Mod (currently v0.7.5, released yesterday) and the MixMugz TBM 930 Improvement Mod (currently v0.6.1, released 13th September)? Easily done.

AFAIK, MixMugz has not yet updated their project, though flightsim.to lists it as confirmed SU6 compatibility, so it seems like it doesn’t need an update. However, I have not confirmed this myself.

Removed G3000 mod and Mugzmod seem to works fine while waiting for more updates.

Yep I have the same problem. Hopefully @mixMugz will be able to update his mod.

Not correct. It will updated soon, but current version is compatible.


Thank you, great job

Thanks for the info. I will keep a watch on the repo for the update.

updated to v 0.7.6. thanks guys …
this community is the only one that keeps this game alive

Where did you get version 0.7.6?
The latest I see is 0.7.5 both on GitHub and the WT site.


Thank you, it didn’t show for me before.

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