G3000 Working Title mod touch screen freezes

Anybody else experiencing the touch screen of the G3000 in the TBM930 freezing while entering a direct to waypoint?

I like the extra functionality of the G3000 mod, but when flying on VATSIM, it just completely froze when entering the direct to. No way to do anyhting with the touch screen in the middle anymore so I had to stop the flight.

I would really like to use this mod again, but also want to be sure it is reliable…

Just for others experiencing the same: this is a known bug according to the WT discord. The MOD download page mentions under the known issues that this applies when using Navigraph, but it apparently also applies when just using MSFS with the G3000 mod. Hopefully, a fix will be developed for this, as the G3000 is a great mod to use otherwise.

I’ve got the same freeze when a enter a direct without the mod