G36 Improvement Project

You should see two Bonanzas. The mod airplane faces to the left where all others face to the right.

I know, I downloaded the Mod aircraft in early September and it was visible exactly as you say. Now there is only one G36 there. I checked the folders as CaptMatto suggested and everything seems to be there, although not smart enough to be able to confirm that positively. However, to cover the bases I removed the files from the Community folder and downloaded from FlightSim.to again. Still not visible. What was interesting was when I opened up the aircraft to start creating a new controls profile and shut down half way through doing that. I opened up later to continue and it seemed that ‘state saving’ was working as the CDI was on GPS and the nav lights were still switched on. I have left it again now with the fuel selector on left tank, the battery and floodlights left on. See what happens. Thanks for your tip anyway.

That is strange. Although I’ve had occasional weird stuff happen in the sim.

I can’t stand the default G36 anyway. I’d be happy to hide it. :grin:

Original (on PC) is here

C:\Users:“Your User Name”\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\Asobo-aircraft-bonanza-g36

Improved G36 is here
C:\Users"Your User Name"\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\bonanza-g36-improvement-project

I fired up this morning having emptied the community folder of all but the latest G36 Improvement downloaded yesterday. There was still only the standard Asobo G36 in the aircraft list and it was the standard version that loaded - no state saving in evidence.

So, I removed the latest iteration (6.10) from the Community Folder, did a bit of digging and recovered the original G36 Improvement download from 30/7/22 and put that into the community folder - and bingo, two G36 in the aircraft list, just like the good old days. Opened up the Improvement model and I have the decent G36 back. I will now have to go through the change log and find out what further changes have been made since August of this year as I have changed the file name, so that doesn’t reflect the state of the improvement at the time of download.

I suspect that, if I were now to download the latest version from FS.to, I would be up to date with everything, but I will take a few precautions before I do that!

I think that youngster ( :wink:) meh1951 has given a clue as to how to hide default G36.

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Thank you my friend, confirmed that I was in the right ball park.

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I did some testing and I have an easier time with ground control on the C152 and C172, including the improvement mod variation of the 172. That’s with the experimental variables above applied to the G36.

However, that may be true to life? I don’t actually know. :slight_smile: I know Asobo tends to focus on the Cessna pistons, along with the A320.

BTW, @CaptMatto, how are you liking (or not liking) the velocity one?

I think if you go here…

then on the right side under Releases you will see 0.6.25 click on it

then choose Source Code (zip) it will download

in it will be a folder called MSFS-G36-Improvement-Mod-0.6.10.zip

in it is a folder called MSFS-G36-Improvement-Mod-0.6.10

in it is the folder you want called bonanza-g36-improvement-project look in it

Copy that to your community folder and you will have the most current build

thanks @CaptMatto

let me know if that works.

I just took a flight from KPHX to KNBC G36IP today. About 2 hours practicing / testing leaning at different altitudes.

It was great!!


Thank you for that tip. I followed your lead last night and it all seemed to work with the Improvement MOD showing up in the aircraft selection panel. Oddly, when I went into Content Manager the G36 Improvement Project aircraft was there, but reported as V 6.8. However, everything worked just fine and I hand flew for 45 minutes.

I do find the aircraft handling a bit odd, although I haven’t flown it a huge amount, probably just 6-7 hrs. I find it very difficult to trim out to hand fly straight and level. I get close to the altitude I want, power set and then try to trim. I get the trim seemingly set and then, after just 30 seconds or so, I’m climbing at 1500fpm. If I leave it the speed will drop off and, after gaining 1000’ or so it starts to descend and continues on until I’m losing altitude quite rapidly. If I do nothing this ‘hysteresis’ trend continues, if I try to re-trim the whole process starts again. I just don’t seem able to hit the sweet spot.

Now, I am not a real pilot (long retired engineer) but I have flown several hundred hours in the right hand seat of a wide variety of GA aircraft, either work related or in aircraft owned by friends and I have never witnessed that sort of behaviour.

Is there a collection of compatible liveries to choose from?

I only see “default”, and I assume that’s correct.

There are a load on flightsim.to and our discord :slight_smile:

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https://winmerge.org/ is your friend when looking for differences between packages.

Why thank you - but that’s a bit above my pay grade I reckon.

Man, I don’t get it… Why don’t people put a link to the latest download in the description of the latest download… why force people, most of whom don’t have a clue about how GitHub works, to go down a long rabbit hole and likely download the wrong thing?

How does one “Download a folder”? Why is GitHub so hard to use?
And I’ve got 40 years of programming experience… smh


The most recent stable version will always be hosted on Flightsim.to, there is no need to download from GitHub. If you are interested in see where I am in the development version you’re welcome to try GitHub but there are other options.


Where are they? I can’t find them! Liveries for the project version of the Bonanza I was sure were on Flightsim.to. but they don’t appear to be there right now.

Link to the the plane.
Link to the the liveries.
You’ll need to check which are compatible and see this post here.


If you go to the discord here: Simulated.Flights

There’s a channel for liveries that you can peruse and be 100% confident it will work with the mod. Several are mine.


Many thanks Giannino2, the last link to CaptMatto’s post is very useful. I think that I may have been confusing my belief that there were liveries for the IP Bonanza on Flightsim.to with the DA62 Improvement Mod. liveries by Crispy.

I have converted a couple of liveries :+1: so thanks again

Good call - I will have to spend a bit of time perusing that Discord link. I applaud your work and do wish that I had the time (and skills) to follow your lead. Sadly, I don’t have either.

Many thanks.