G36 Improvement Project

The older versions have the z in front. This is definitely the latest version. I have tried both from GitHub and flight sim.to. They both perform the same. I could possibly remove myself from the beta and reinstall the game but that’s too much work.

Well, I can understand your frustration, then. I only know I’m in the Beta and the G36 Mod works for me.

Just adding myself to the group experiencing the “invisible plane” problem. I grabbed the files directly from GitHub and extracted the correct folder into my Community folder. The only other item in my community folder is the integration for my Virtual Fly Hub software, but for giggles - I even removed that and the behavior is the same. I’m running the Steam version of MSFS 2020 and fully patched (not a beta user). At least glad to know it isn’t just me. I’ll probably go back to flying something else until this gets worked out. Looking forward to trying it out when it works.

Hey guys, please don’t get the files from Github, the latest stable is on Flightsim.to - if you do download from Github please use the development branch rather than the main.


I am still stacked with IRL work and will be until mid-May but after that, I will get back into more development. I will keep us all running between updates but will prob be a little quiet here as I am sailing around the UK with our youth organisation.


Fair winds, mate!

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Is the Blacksquare analog Bonanza compatible with this mod, or is it one or the other?

2 different concepts.
G36IP improves on the existing Asobo G36
BS GA36 A whole new analog avionics package no G1000

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EDIT: Disregard, I would have to check again if having both installed at the same time doesn’t cause any issues once I get my PC back.

I wouldn’t say the two different concepts couldn’t be combined. BS is more just a different cockpit layout and G36IP is more about changing the actual flight characteristics to match the POH with a few tweaks here and there. I don’t think BS modifies the flight model any, although I could be wrong. So I was just wondering if they could be combined to get the best of both worlds… somehow, without a fire alarm going off, like in the Caravan.

The two concepts cannot be easily combined. The Black Square mods essentially change everything about the plane except for the exterior model, including adding a Turbocharger. Head over to Just Flight if you’re interested in seeing all the changes.

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Hey all,

The two can coexist well; the author of the Black Square aircraft kindly got in contact to check.

@FlyingsCool5650 is correct as well; the two mods probably can’t be combined - I am planning on purchasing it; looks really cool!!


You could combine them manually, it it would be a little time consuming. Find all the diffs in the config files, and come up with a plan of what to keep, what to throw out, the merge them into their respective files.

I got it the other day. Really a great mod. I’m not 100% sure if they modded the fight model any but it sure feels like they did. And if so, they did a great job of it with what Asobo gives us :wink:.

Glad to hear the G36IP can coexist, going to DL it and give it a try.

Which one has the better flight model? I just saw a review of the Black Square one that said you can still feel the jerkiness of the default bonanza.

I would say all GA have some “jerkiness” since asobo has implemented the thermal flows, some say it s realistic, other say it s ruining their sim ,and in 2 day will comes the su12 and the new turbulence seting … so nothing is really definitive on this matter


I think the point is do you want to go with the G1000 or analog gauges?

I was only reffering to the BS A26 mod, sorry. I have not tried the G36 Improvement mod yet.

The Black Square is still a little too jerking and sensitive but to me it is still much improved over the stock flight model.