G36 Improvement Project

I use the Timer on the G1000 for that, nothing like a blinking clock to remind you. The other option being to just switch it at each tick mark on the fuel gauge.

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I change tanks every 30 mins. A tip I got was if the minutes on a clock-face are on the right (i.e. 00-30) use right tank. When the “minute hand” crosses 31 to 60 I should be on the left tank.


I mostly use the copilot to judge VR camera position.

There have been times I’ve scared myself in VR by not realizing the copilot was there. :sweat_smile:

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I only fly 2D, but might feel differently if I was doing VR.

When you forget it’s really startling to see a full-sized person sitting next to you! :sweat_smile:

Isn’t it remarkable how obvious good ideas are once somebody tells you about them after you haven’t thought of it yourself over many years of flying? Well, actually it isn’t just limited to flying: applies to life in general.

OK, nothing is perfect: the only time I ever ran a tank dry in real life was in a Cherokee 6… and that had two tanks per side! Would have had to expand on this concept.

I drive a plugin hybrid Jeep and it is the only vehicle I ever ran dry! The majority of my driving is full electric, so I just kind of forgot about the gasoline.

Yes I saw that, and I use it at the end. Thanks