G3X Procedure page not functional for X Cub?

Hey All,

Am I not doing something correct in trying to program the procedure page of the G3X? The Procedure screen seemingly won’t let me add arrival or approach information for airports. I can only seemingly add just an Approach on the startup screen before a flight, but not in-game on the G3X. It also won’t let me add any arrival info. So when I’m using GPS navigation, it seems to follow the various waypoints, but the VNAV for the GPS doesn’t seem to work, as the aircraft won’t descend on the glide path. I can’t find any guides to this for the G3X in MSFS specifically on Youtube, but any help would be appreciated.

Please make sure you’re using the Working Title version (Dev 10) of the G3X. The stock G3X is not very well-featured.


thanks, i’ll give that a shot.