G5000 - Failing to set FMS - but flying with GPS [X-BOX]

Hi, I’m a fairly new flyer, very much still learning. I’m flying the Longitude with the G5000.

When I set a flight plan, with origin & destination, I then add approach and arrival. All is well and I arrive at the right place. But PFD shows I am on GPS not FMS. I seem to be missing something essential.

What am I doing wrong? Does it matter? What is the difference?

Nothing wrong.
The only difference is that the GPS is controlling the flight path, rather than the FMS.
Either can do it if programmed properly.
Some aircraft require a switch from GPS to FMS (VOR1)when intercepting an ILS, most now can automatically handle that though.
Larger planes (airliners etc) do not have GPS, and the entire flight is handled through the FMS.
The FMS often has various names, depending on the manufacturer.

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Thanks , i need all the educating i can get :slight_smile:

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