G58 Baron Improvement Mod

Now that Just Flight have done the enhancement mod for the 172, I presume the premium/deluxe aircraft are able to be modded.

I would absolutely love it if someone were able to do something for the Baron.


SU10 will also help open the mod community as key .cfg files will no longer be encrypted.

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This would be absolutely amazing! I hope that there is enough interest in the Baron to get a good improvement mod going.


The Baron 58 has been a staple of flight sim aircraft across platforms. Id bet that a mod will be developed post SU10.

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Yep. It would be nice if a mod was created for the G-58, improving the functionality of things in the cockpit. Even adding a something like doors. That would look nice too. One thing that isn’t working is the altitude alert chime. The G36 Improved has it but the original Asobo G36 doesn’t . Why ?

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G58 Turbo mod would be great!

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