Gable assets missing after last SDK update

I updated the SD this morning and now I don’t have any gables or cone assets. When I search for them, some of them pop up from other add-ons I’ve installed, but the Asobo cone and gable assets are completely missing. None of the other Asobo assets appear to be missing though.

Anyone know what might have caused this?

What’s a gable?

What do you mean they are “missing”? Do you mean when you’re in the Scenery Editor editing an airport and type “cone” in the Object window under Scenery, you don’t have cone objects? I don’t know what a gable is.

All the various cones are available on my system.

Gables are large triangle prism-shaped markers used in many countries in addition to marker cones. The assets are still installed because they show up if I go to an airport that has them, but they no longer appear when I search for them in the Object window in the Scenery Editor.


The assets are labeled ‘gabel’ not ‘gable’ in the SDK.

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If you select one one the gabels from your scenery you should be able to see the item name and unique guid id #. From there you can search for the scenery object name. its possible the default items have been renamed. I have had that happen to me.

Also, stupid question, but there is a really common add on from flightsim to that has a bunch of gabels and small airport assets, any chance you had that installed before SU5?

If I select a gable in an existing project, it says that the scenery asset is from a specific scenery instead of the MSFS asset library.


And if I uninstall that scenery they simply don’t show up anymore.

I never had any scenery packs installed, I only ever used the stock assets.

I just checked, same thing here. I have no idea if they removed them or renamed them to something else.

I know its not ideal but I use this for my scenery (freeware only) as I find there are more options anyway. you just have to make sure that you provide the link because users need to have the library as well.