GAIST Global AI Ship Traffic V5 and Great Lakes

This a discussion thread for the Global AI Ship Traffic Freeware project by Henrik Nielsen and Team replacing the original thread Global AI Ship Traffic V2 for MSFS - Third Party Addon Discussion / Scenery Packs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

The native version 2 of Global AI Ship Traffic was launched in September 2021 and this thread will be used for commenting on updates and ideas

On October 2nd a separate addition was launched with traffic for the Great Lakes - it is a work around for the bug in MSFS resulting in all AI ships being placed at sea level despite e.g. sailing on a high altitude lake.

Global AI Ship Traffic Great Lakes:

Global AI Ship Traffic V2:


Thank you!

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Thank you.

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Thanks again Henrik and team :ship: :+1: :pray:

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The Anderson on the Detroit River!

God bless you, Henrik.



Thank you Henrik!

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That one should go to Jean-Pierre Fillion who did the Anderson and also some of the other local models included.

Below a route map for the Great Lakes


Oh excellent! Just about to embark on my next project which is - a tour of the US Great Lakes! Couldn’t be more opportune, thanks all.


With a new thread it must be time to give an update on where we are heading with the project…

The next weeks will mostly be modelling for the upcoming GAIST Ultra. Timing of the Ultra package will depend on workload at my daytime job but it will probably be delayed to November.

The GAIST Ultra version will as mentioned early give the possibility to vary the traffic intensity and will also include effects; not on all ships from the start but starting with the models which are used most.

The modelling list is already long enough to cover the rest of the year…

  • A series of large LNG tankers - almost done
  • The Washington state ferries
  • A series of large cruise ships already in construction
  • A NOAH research vessel for the Great Lakes
  • Two series of Container ships
  • A couple of ferries

Besides that we still have a bunch of ships to convert… little by little… some of them are related to the Mississippi and Amazonas and won’t be published again until we have a fix or a work around for the rivers.

Also Manfred has put a large amount of models in the pot with everything from river boats to German navy ships and large car carriers.


Panama canal coming?

Great thanks!
Will you also place ships on other lakes? In Europe most of the bigger lakes have passenger ships. Around the Alps there is the largest concentration of lakes, and these all have regular passenger service.

  • Lake Constance (Germany/Austria/Switzerland)
  • Lake Geneva (Switzerland/France)
  • Lac d’Annecy (France)
  • Lac du Bourget (France)
  • ZĂĽrichsee (Switzerland)
  • Vierwaldstättersee (Switzerland)
  • Zugersee (Switzerland)
  • Ă„gerisee (Switzerland)
  • Walensee (Switzerland)
  • Brienzersee (Switzerland)
  • Thunersee (Switzerland)
  • Neuenburgersee (Switzerland)
  • Bielersee (Switzerland)
  • Murtensee (Switzerland)
  • Lago di Orta (Italy)
  • Lago di Como (Italy)
  • Lago di Garda (Italy)
  • Lago Maggiore (Italy/Switzerland)
  • Lago di Iseo (Italy)
  • Lago di Lugano (Italy/Switzerland)
  • Forggensee (Germany)
  • Ammersee (Germany)
  • Starnberger See (Germany)
  • Chiemsee (Germany)
  • Kochelsee (Germany)
  • Schliersee (Germany)
  • Tegernsee (Germany)
  • Königssee (Germany)
  • Wörthersee (Austria)
  • Wolfgangsee (Austria)
  • Mondsee (Austria)
  • Attersee (Austria)
  • Traunsee (Austria)
  • Zeller See (Austria)
  • Achensee (Austria)
  • Hallstätter See (Austria)
  • Ossiacher See (Austria)
  • Millstätter See (Austria)
  • Neusiedler See (Austria)
  • Balaton (Hungary)
  • Blejsko Jezero / Bledersee (Slovenia)

Did you take a look at Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne)?
There already are prototypical steamboats running back and forth.


Awesome! Thank you!

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Awesome work as always Henrik! A big THANK YOU to you and your team!

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As mentioned by @NixieLion Vierwaldstâttersee is included and we will probably include Lake Geneva also, but to make a work around and relevant models for a lot of lakes without knowing when and if Asobo will correct the bug regards to display of models on lakes will not make a lot of sense.



When I tested the Lakes yesterday, Little NavMap showed ships at various locations (outside Chicago, Milwaukee etc.), but even when I was right on top of a ship it was not visible in MSFS.

Since I seem to be the only one with this problem, I wonder if there is a setting I am missing. Perhaps a surface water setting making it appear that the ships are submerged in the Lake?


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If you read the description at you will see that it mentions an issue when using LittleNavMap and having BOTH Global AI Ship Traffic V2 and Global AI Ship Traffic Great Lakes installed. You will in LittleNavMap see the ships from both packages , however those from Global AI Ship Traffic V2 will be at the bottom of the lakes until the bug is corrected. That also go for default leisure boats - they are also on the bottom of the lake.

If you mouse over the ship icons in LittleNavMap you can see the ship names and all the ship names in the Global AI Ship Traffic Great Lakes packages will end with _L for lake Huron and Lake Michigan, _E for Lake Erie, _O for Lake Ontario, and _S for Lake Superior so only these models should display on the surface. The day the bug in MSFS is fixed by Asobo you simply remove the Global AI Ship Traffic Great Lakes package and all the ships from the Global AI Ship Traffic V2 will appear on the surface… Hope that was understandable.

On the screen shot here the AI_Arubaborg and the AI_Arubaborg_S appears next to each other in Little Nav Map but only the AI_Arubaborg_S will display.


Maybe ;D It is not the first priority as there is apparently a project ongoing with a scenery for that.

thank you Henrik,

I do not have the Global AI Ship Traffic Great Lakes package installed, so that should not be a factor.


if you don’t have the Great Lakes package installed then there will be no ships on the Great Lakes due to a bug in MSFS… The Great Lakes package work around that bug

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