Game crash before landing

hi guys…just did an ifr flight from ebbr to lfpg…and juste 1000 ft before touching, the game crashed fro no reason and no error message. Happened like 4 times, and funny thing, happens only on IFR flights…strange no ?
does it happen to you guys ? any solution ? thanks

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I’ve got some similar crashes too, turning of Realtime & Player Traffic fixed it for me.

Thanks for thé info…i wilk try that…

Report it, it seems some airports have some sort of asset that does this, theirs a similar one in Iceland!

Same issue, actually several times.
Most annoying after a 4 hour + flight…

Yep …i can imagine…i will try that trick mentioned above…

Same! Almost on approach and crash to desktop. Unacceptable.


+1 into Southampton, England

Has happened several times to me also

It happened to me from eidw to lfpg, i truly believe it ran out of memory because it was stuttery on arrival. I had adjusted the LOD radius to 5 in the cfg file thats when it happened. I reduced it to 3 and it was fine.

Was it stuttery for you upon landing? Lfpg is heavy

surely heavy, but i was on medium, clear skies, daylight, so no too many “asked” on graphics so cpu…i guess

+1 this is happening to me in random airports around the globe, sometimes with airports that are completely void of other traffic.

In one instance I was at least able to taxi and was getting 50+ FPS with no stuttering when out the blue my game froze and then followed with a CTD.