Game crashes and shuts down when I load a flight

Well, this may be help if you haven’t already done so.

Thank you very much. Sadly that hasn’t worked either. Not heard back from steam yet. Heard nothing from
Microsoft flight simulator since Saturday.

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I just don’t know what to do any longer. Steam won’t help me and neither with Microsoft. I don’t know what to do anymore?

Do you have a Nvidia card? If so, what driver do you have installed.

I have a Nvidia RTX 3070 version 497.09

I am sorry but I am not very technical but I am assured that this is sufficient? I paid in excess of £2000 for a computer for this one game, and thus why I am incredibly frustrated that it won’t work.

That Nvidia driver causes crashes in MSFS. Update the Nvidia driver .

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Is there by chance a newer version of that topic/thread? I HAVE to use 497.09 because 511.23 causes me to get 10fps in every game for some odd reason. Hoping I don’t run into those issues.

I’m really sorry but I am not technical at all. Do you know how I should update the drivers?

Use 497.29 then. I have 511.23 with no issues. Make sure you do a clean install

Go to the Nvidia Drivers page (type in your search engine Nvidia drivers), and download the most recent one.

Okay, I’m downloading now. Not sure how to do a clean install. It’s saying to have the 511.23

Let us know if the driver works for you.

Clean install.

I’ll try the clean install thank you so much for the suggestion.

Hi all, it looks like your help has fixed the problem and that it was down to the nvidia drivers. It must have been a coincidence that the issue started just after downloading the static aircraft traffic, and I can confirm that this add on is now working and clearly has nothing to do with my issues. I would like to thank you all for helping me sort this problem. Thank you so very much.

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Happy to have helped. Enjoy!

You are not going to believe it. It’s started doing it again (I literally cannot believe it). it doesn’t look like it’s just to do with the nvidia. Any other ideas?

That’s disappointing.
Here is one posted recently that might help.
Have a look and see what you think.

Delete your Rolling Cache. reboot then try again. Just curious, before your sim crashes, does it stutter, then a sound stutter, then crash?

Also, have you looked at the Windows event viewer to see what is faulting to cause the sim to crash?

Also, if the nvidia driver not done using the clean install, try to reinstall using that procedure.

Yes it does the sound stutter as it’s waiting to load to the flight. Screen and sound stutter then back to desktop.