Game crashes to desktop on LOWEST settings!


I have tried playing on the lowest graphics settings. Absolutely everything is basic and the game is still crashing. I reduced vehicle density to zero. It crashes on or offline. It crashed at all times during the day or night. I only bought this gaming PC for this game.

Considering selling at this point and purchasing an Xbox. Maybe I have a ■■■■■■ graphics card? Someone please help, because I really feel screwed here.

My computer:

Alienware Aurora R11
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card
Intel(R) Core™ I7-10700F CPU @ 2.90GHz
16GB Memory (15 available)
1 TB HDD / 256GB SSD / 1GB HDD

Hi there ,are you running any addons? .If you are, back up your community folder and save it somewhere safe.Then after you have done this try running the sim again.Remember your community folder needs to be empty now.

Hello @Lilgogo28 ,

Use Windows Eventviewer to locate the problem:

Press WIN Key + R after a crash occurred. Type in “eventvwr” and check if you can find the fault or error that caused MSFS2020 to crash. It should be under Sytsem/application or something like that in event viewer. Post the error details here.

Additionally Alienwares may be delivered in an overclocked state, which may not be stable.

You can also open a ticket at MSFS Zendesk for further assistance.

I’m starting to think personally that this may be a Nvidia driver issue, most fo the topics on this i’ve seen people with RTX 20 and 30 series cards. I have a Nitro 5 with a 3060 in it and it crashes, yet on my desktop with the 1660 it runs fine and never had a CTD. I’m also running a 10 series i5 in the laptop but a older CPU (5 series i think) in the desktop.

It’s bloody annoying though, i just spent thousands on a gaming laptop so my son can use the desktop so i can do MSFS and i sometimes manage a few mintues or maybe 5 mins and then CTD with faulting module flightsimulator.exe.

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I agree. Could definitely also be driver related.
Many potential solutions come to mind.
Without more information from the OP it is hard to help.

With those specs you should be able to run the Sim on High (almost Ultra) settings, so definitely a bug or conflict going on there somewhere!

Hi All, i saw a post about downgrading the Nvidia driver. I was able to download and downgrade my driver to 471.11 from June 22 and just did a 25 min flight with no CTD. Not sure if this will fix many peoples CTD but give it a shot and see how you go, i’ve seen issues where bugs in drivers can cause program faults.

Drivers can be downloaded at:

Okay I finally found a way to update my computer but the game still crashes when viewing the globe for too long.

Can you post the error log as suggested here? Game crashes to desktop on LOWEST settings! - #3 by ITDreamFly

This may help finding the issue.