Game crashes when Joystick attached

Flight simulator is running stable, but when I attach my Joystick (Saitek Cyborg Evo Force) to the USB, it will crash instantly.

When I open Flight Simulator with the Joystick already attached, it will already crash the first moment the loading screen appears…

Windows is correctly detecting and showing my Joystick. No problem there.


Yes this is a known issue. I have this with my XBOX controller i use to control the camera.
i saw this in a sticky post so they are aware.


Thanks for the help! Can you give me the link to this post?

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It seems they are describing a slightly different issue here:

I think it’s best to still report the issue on Zendesk for extra visibility. I see a lot of posts on this forum from people with the same problem.


I have the exact same issue and submitted a request on Zendesk as well.

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I updated the Joystick with the newest driver from Saitek and now it doesn’t “crash” anymore, but rather “hangs”.

Disconnect Joystick, FS runs. Connect it, FS stops immediately… Task Manager says “no response”.
One time I managed after disconnecting to get a window in FS, which told me I was having a non compatible controller.

Anyone has a clue?


Installing the drivers from Saitek (under “Sticks”) fixed it for me. As expected, Force Feedback is non-functional (as of version

Weird… I still don’t get it, that a peripheral can stuck a PC in the year 2020… this is almost like 25 years ago when you clicked on A: and you forgot to insert the disc.


With the latest Saitek drivers the games does not crash, but is stuck.

Notice: it is not an USB problem. I can connect and disconnect whatever I want without any problem. But when I attach the Joystick, MSFS will be stuck immediately.

When I disconnect the Joystick, the game gets unstuck again an it tells me it has detected a device it doesn’t have a profile for and shows “Saitek Evo Force” in red letters below. It also says I have to map the profile manually, but the problem is, that the game is stuck!!!

Any news about the upcoming update build?

The Thrustmaster TopGun FF Joystick does the same CTD

I put in a Zendesk ticket for it

If you look in your Windows Event log, (Errors) you should see the CTD event, with, at least in my case, a reference to systems32/pid.dll – so maybe some issue in creating the new Joystick’s XML file ?? (wilde guess !!)