Game crashes when pressing the "Resume" button on pause menu during flight

Description: CTD’s can occur when players click resume on pause menu screen while actively in an aircraft in game.

Occurring on Steam Version of Microsoft Flight Sim 2020
Reproduced 100% with Community folder completely empty of mods.
Developer Mode was not enabled or changed at anytime.
My drivers are all up to date.

Repro Steps:

  1. Launch MSFS 2020
  2. Load into any mode, any plane, and any location in the world
  3. Pause game, click “resume” in lower left.
  4. Observe CTD.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Bug first experienced on version #:

Zendesk Support Ticket: Request #124357 Game CTD Upon Clicking Resume

Note for media, video had to be under certain size so it’s pretty lackluster, but gets the point across.

I’m CTD again on Xbox series s and cockpit screens out hopefully they fixed it soon

Do not know but, next week SW update with SDK, and some actual fixes in works. Some experiencing throttle controllers, etc not working, hopefully fix is going to actually fix that. Have not paused game, so have not reproduced this event. My testing after update is no stutters, no scenery glitches, game seems to be faster, and PC running a bit cooler when flying. Still testing, and I use laptop.

Same for me ctd when click on resume after pause.never had ctd before this update
Everything is updated drivers etc…
I never installed third party files
Community folder always empty :cry:

I had this same issue, and it was resolved by unplugging all of my USB peripherals. I then tried to plug them back in one at a time with a sim restart in between. The offending hardware appeared to be my wireless headset, so I uninstalled the drivers and software and reinstalled. Give that a try! For anyone following, It’s an Arctis G7.

I have exactly the same bug .I have no random CTD . it’s only occurs when I resume pause by clicking on resume or when I hit ESC button and I never had CTD before update.
Have you find any solution.thanks