Game crashes while loading

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Microsoft Store

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Original version.

Brief description of the issue:
I’ve been trying to install/launch the game, but every time it’s loading (with the little blue bar on the bottom of the screen) it sends me back to the desktop without warning or error message.

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Restart computer, restart game

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
Intel i5 with 12GM Ram and Windows 10.

I’m not sure about the Graphics Card and I’m sure it’s NOT up to par (the game does mention it on startup), but the idea was to see first that the game works before investing in a new one.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Very first launch.

Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
Microsoft Store.

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

Install language pack English (United States)
Also install xbox app and gaming services.
Update system windows10 and drivers to the latest version.

Right click on start icon and select > device manager > display adapters.
Take a screenshot and attach to topic.

I had this issue and it turned out my Clubsport pedals were causing a USB conflict with MSFS2020, but only if I installed my pedals ‘after’ installing MSFS2020. So if you have installed a USB device after MSFS2020 was installed it could be causing a conflict.

Obviously the easy way to check if any USB devices are causing a conflict is to unplug them and run MSFS2020.

Although in your case it is more likely your GFX card, if its not up to the job

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Nothing is connected to the computer, I’m afraid, except for a mouse and a keyboard.

as for the GFX, I’m sure it is under par, but not to the level that the game won’t load at all. From what I’ve been told - It’s not my computer, I’m helping a family member - the game was able to load in the past on the same computer and the same installment of Windows. It was done through the DVD’s, which now won’t run - when I try to use DVD1 and press setup, it just sends me to the Microsoft Store. It’s why I’ve decided to the invest in the Store version as well - which crashes.

The language pack was installed and Windows was up to date. I’ve now installed the xbox app, but it made no difference.

As for the Graphics card, it’s NDVIDIA GeForce GT610. I assume it’s not good enough for the game to run at its best, but as I mentioned to someone else here - AFAIK, the game did run with it previously.

ähmmm… you need to buy a new GPU. It is a GT card and far below minimum specs.

We had users with a GT710 , which also report back that it will not work ( before SU5 ).

Therefore the game gave you already the hint, as you mentioned:

a GTxxx was allways not in range… I fear with the comming updates and eg. DX12, some more users get trouble with such old hardware ( there are also users with a gtx6xx etc, which possible not have the dx12 feature-levels )

Time to upgrade PC.

Delete all files and folders from community.

Maybe it has to do with the upcoming world update. Because i m trying from Thursday to play but it crashes to desktop from the loading screen. I have RTX2060 but still no luck

Has it come back since? Nothing has changed for me in the last few days, and I can’t believe it just won’t work for a while.

I dont know, because i uninstalled the Sim and i will reinstall with the world update included

I had a similar issue where the application would crash after the initial install (1.1GB) on Windows 11. After going through most of the zendesk troubleshooting I decided to check the system logs and found my PXN flight stick was causing the crash. Unplugged the flight stick and the application opened without issue.