Game CTD when trying to return to main menu

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons? If the issue still occurs with no mods and add-ons, please continue to report your issue. If not, please move this post to the Community Support section.


Brief description of the issue:

When returning to main menu i get CTD

I have attached the crash report.
MSFSReport-Crash.txt (22.7 KB)

Many Thanks

Hello @Down5y7,

I’ve moved this topic to the Tech Talk section of the forums as this is the correct place for your issue.

You note in your bug report that you have disabled/removed all your mods and addons, yet the “ExtraPackagesInUse=” section of the included .txt file shows a plethora of addons still in use. Please ensure you complete the bug reporting tool correctly in the future to allow others the best opportunity to help you with your issue.


The MSFS Team

Thanks Chewwy,

I’ve attached another crash file which shows no addons - I previously included addons as I know they aren’t the cause of the issue.

Does the file point to any know issue? OnCrash Msg=WinMain ?

Many Thanks
MSFSReport-Crash.txt (13.1 KB)

I may be reading that report wrongly, but it lists the “UserContainerTitle” as “A310-300 White Livery”. I don’t think that is a first party plane is it?

Do you get the same crash when flying a “default” plane, like the 152/172? Do you always get a crash when returning to the main menu, or only sometimes?

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Are you sure?

Rename community folder to community_orig
Create new empty Community folder

Launch MSFS.

I admit I have no idea what most of the crash report means, but comparing yours with a forced generated one on my system, one thing that stands out in yoursr is

DisplayLod=18446744072457351120 ( ???)

My report has


So one has to wonder why your DisplayLod is being reported as being so enormous ?

Thanks for the reply, ah so I just tried with a first party plane and I returned to the main menu with no problem! So the question is, what would cause this CTD with nom first party aircraft?

Blimey, that is a strange one!!

But can you consistently repeat the failure every time with the original 3rd party plane / livery that cause the CTD earlier ??

Also, is it ONLY that specific Livery “A310-300 White Livery” that causes you a CTD, and where did that “white Livery” come from . ( I am not familiar with Airlines in MSFS, I just fly GA planes !!)

Some of the less experienced Livery makers can create Liveries that can really give MSFS issues !!

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Who knows?! But liveries are one source of problems in the sim, with a range of problems. I assume that A310 has a range of liveries to choose, and if that one you had selected was not one that comes with it, try a different livery.

That just about sums up MSFS 2020 nicely !!

At least for most of us, who are not directly in “the know”


I primarily fly the FBW A320 and that crashed every time, any livery. The A310 was just a test with another aircraft, the A310 livery is all part of Asobo planes that come with deluxe version - but yep that crashed. I’ll try some more aircraft, but seems odd that 3rd party only cause a crash - I’ve recently re-installed the game, never had the problem previously, but did have issues installing - maybe a corrupt file somewhere?

Are all the third party planes from the Marketplace. Is your Community folder empty during your testing? If not, I would try that first. The quick way is to rename the Community folder. When the sim launches, it will create a new empty one. When you are done testing you can delete the empty folder, and rename the original. Just make sure you keep the right folder!

I have PMDG and FBW not from marketplace - I’ll give it a try later when I’m home from work. The only difference I have to my previous installs is this time I’m using Add-on Linker.

With many changes, suspect everything till you know for sure. Disabled all addons in the linker, confirm the Community folder is empty, and try first party planes. If everything works as you expect, slowly introduce elements one at a time. A good choice here would be either of those planes you mentioned before, but no other addons. If those work, add other things until it crashes. It may not take as long as you think.

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