Game files corrupted - how do I reinstall?

How do I reinstall the game. Bought from XBOX Microsoft Store.

My screen is missing all the buttons on the bottom, e.g. “Load/Save” etc.

Click the gear icon in the start menu, then select apps in the settings window. Type flight in the search box in there and you should be able to see MSFS in the results. Click it to expand it and you should see an “Advanced Options” link you can click. On the page that opens, hit reset. This should delete everything and redownload the launcher files. Note that this also deletes the 80-100GB of packages downloaded through the launcher. You’ll need to redownload them all again the next time you start MSFS. Hope that helps.

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Thank you…will try that.

I reinstalled but I only show 2 aircraft - both propellor.
How do I get all the aircraft back?

Try going into the content manager in-game. Look through and see if the rest of the aircraft packages can be downloaded.