Game grew by 25 gigabytes with the last "bug fix" update to a total of 241 now?


so I just downloaded the game update which already released 3 weeks ago but I haven’t played it the last weeks and the patch notes should only be a bug fix update but it took up another 25 GB? I downloaded the Sim Update 11 already so it can’t be that (I think).

How large has your game now become? I have “only” the 11 world updates installed with the standard edition.

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+ 225.0GB


We are all getting all these massive new updates, (and Free additional content) representing many 1000’s of “Person Hours” of work, and a significant budget for free.


One way to reduce your disk space footprint is to remove the planes you don’t use, Tutorials/Flying Lessons, Discovery Flights. Also, if you’re not interested in it, big packages like Top Gun Maverick (which will remove things like the Darkstar etc). This frees up quite a bit of space.

Edited to add: Also remove Bush Trips if they’re not of interest.

One bonus side effect: Your updates over time will go faster, since you can’t predict which of that content will be updated in every World Update or Sim Update. But if it’s not there, the installer skips it.


i knew you could delete packages you don’t use (bush, maverick etc) but i guess i wasn’t expecting it to be smart enough to see that you don’t have x, y, z package installed. I figured it just updated anyway or something so i kept it all installed.

Guess i got some content to delete now lol

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Use the hamburger icon (three lines atop each other) to show an itemized view of the installation contents. Very useful when leaning out the install.

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