Game hangs when trying to save game while in VR mode. Thoughts

Hey folks, I have hit quite the snag here. Almost everytime I hit Esc and bring up the save menu, the hourglass spins and my PC hangs. I have to force a restart of the PC to bring it back to life. Is anyone else experiencing this bug or tried a fix. Take care

I don’t use the save function (ever) so I can’t directly answer your question for that specfic item.

However, I do use VR a lot and occasionally I have inadvertently created a scenario in VR where the equivalent window that covers file open/save/browse options is activated. In every case that I can remember this window has failed to be visible in VR. I have had to revert to 2D mode from VR mode to even see that this window was there, opened by MSFS. It displays in 2D but not in VR.

I am wondering if that is the underlying problem that is causing your issue? If so, then the only work around, I can think of, is not to try any such file saving/opening options while in VR mode, but switch to 2D mode first.

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Very sorry that I didnt mention that I noticed the invisible window problem and work around in my initial post. Now, I am no longer getting that option. Hang paralyzes my PC and OS reboot is the only solution

Yeah I can’t load flight plans either in VR. File explorer window just crashes it. Gotta do it in 2D

Yeah like Tamalien said, the window isn’t visible in VR and once you switch to 2D mode, you can access the save window. In my particular case, it was causing a hang. Nothing would work, control alt delete… nothing. I have put my game back into a vanilla state, redid the update and it’s now working. Save games must be done in 2D tho. I will report back if the hangs come back.

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