Game License Warning

I just got in here in ohio, the sims looked/ran terrible all day still does, there is no update, if you do you will probably lose you log book so becareful.

Yes, current version is so this doesn’t appear to be a hotfix yet.

At the rate the sim is breaking, though, that hotfix needs to come sooner than later.

Logbook was intact - but all settings lost, back to Initial defaults.
I may have been spared loosing the logbook, as I run 99% of the time in DEV Mode, where the Logbook does not get updated.

Maybe, just in the past when Ive seen this behavior from the sim, my log book goes bye bye,

Glass half full kinda person huh? :grin:

Maybe you finally got all the latest bug fixes now. Congrats

There have been lots of problems with box services for the past few hours.

Xbox Status Page

Probably the best thing to do is turn off your PC or Xbox and find something else to do this evening.

Just discovered, another thing that can happen if you loose your data, stored on the MS cloud – all those products that you entered license codes for, and are stored in the Data Store - can get lost – an you have to enter them all in again.
ie PMS’s GTN750 Premium License, Weather Metar API etc etc …

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