Game pass standard edition and premium deluxe upgrade

hi everyone, my friend has the game pass standard edition fs2020 and has bought the premium deluxe upgrade bundle for £70ish. he cant apply the bundle to the game pass version. it looks like he has to purchase the standard version first. the trouble is that the price of the standard version plus the price of the bundle would come to about £130ish. the price of the premium deluxe is only £109.99. can he get a refund on the premium deluxe upgrade bundle (and then buy the full premium deluxe version) or will the system automatically reduce the price of the digital standard version so that the price of the standard AND the premium deluxe upgrade bundle matches the price of the full premium deluxe edition? as it stands it looks like he’s going to be paying out more than he should have to. (and it does say in the blurb that the bundle was the best value!).

Your best bet might be to send a support ticket to Zendesk under this category “Marketplace Content & Missing Content - Questions & Issues”. I do not know if they will be able to help, but they have a better chance than someone one the forums.

Thanks nyx, I was hoping someone might have had the same issue and could advise how they resolved it. Anyway, my friend contacted microsoft and was told to send an email to the address on his email receipt asking for a refund. I’ll update here when we know the outcome. Again thanks for the reply nyx, it’s appreciated.

Update: my friend was able to sort it all out, he contacted microsoft and they refunded him no problem and took payment there and then for the premium deluxe version; it was there waiting for him to install from microsoft store. Now all he’s got to do is learn how to fly :confounded:

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