Game says it's now version, but only 300mb downloaded (Steam)

So Steam downloaded a 300mb file for the update, but nothing gets downloaded when I open the game. However, the game insists its running version

Also all my DLC is missing and marketplace is greyed out.

Guess I have to re-download the whole ■■■■ thing and start over. AGAIN.

Have you tried to “reverify” files on Steam?

When you’ll launch the game you’ll automatically download the 11G of Update

No when I launch the game, it just opens with no downloading and claims to be

Marketplace is greyed out, xbox live info is blank, dlc is missing.

I heard that reverifying files on steam just deletes the whole thing and leaves you with the installer.

Not in a position to redownload all 150GB at the moment, so I’ll try it a little later.

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Yup, well for the record, verifying the integrity of files with Steam deletes everything in the “Official” folder within your data folder. Basically deletes the entire game.

Same for me, only a small update with Steam but no big update ingame, did you find a solution?

Nope. Had to do a fresh reinstall.

Ok thanks, it sucks…