Game setting restore

Hi All,

I could use a little help here. I spent days on end reading through threads and trying all suggestions in order to resolve CTD’s. I finally got rid of all my CTD’s, I ran multiple weeks with zero CTD’s. When the game attempted to download the latest update, the install froze and the game crashed. I was not able to open the game at all for a few days, so I did an reinstalled the game. Is there any way to restore the game to the previous settings prior to the update? Any suggestions would help, as I cant even get through landing challenges without crashes now.

Thanks in advance!

No, the sim should have used your previous settings when it reinstalled, as they are saved in the cloud.

If you do believe this is a settings issue, that current cloud save can be deleted.

Thank you for the reply. I will wait and hope the next update resolves the issue.