Game Settings not Saving

This is what I have done since the release of MSFS. I have one boot (1TB Samsung EVO 970 nvme) for games (mostly MSFS) that Windows 10 and the BIOS is optimized for it. The other boot for my normal PC stuff. Works great!

OK. I will try that. Thanks again.

I cloned my c: drive to another ssd but the darned thing will not boot. Problems, problems.

I wouldn’t have cloned it. Especially after trying to change the user account in the registry with a search and replace. You’re just making it harder on yourself.
Fresh install Windows 10 2004.
There’s a saying “Garbage, garbage out.” Start from fresh/new clean install. :+1:t2:

OK. Back to the drawing board. :roll_eyes:

You are making this way too complicated. Just create a second user without a space in the username and try to start flight simulator when logged in as that user.

My account user name is “John” but under Users it is “Win 10”

I created another account and it allowed me to change the name of the user name “Win 10” to “Win10”.
How come? Now downloading, again, all the updates of FS.

Because you can’t change a User Account while logged into that User Account. And actually it doesn’t fully change it. It creates a symbolic change.

What @Nitraxn said will work too.

Although I have created a new user account with admin rights I did not see a way to create a new account using “Win10” for example. The new account had me using my email address. Help on that please. Thank you. Been downloading for about 6 hours with 2 more to go :frowning:

The email address is OK. It should have also had a field for your name (which you can use anything that Apha/Numberic) without any accented chars (although, that should have been fixed). Windows 10 then creates that folder name based on that and will do it correctly (in theory!) - Do we trust Windows? HA :wink:

Right guys. First the good news.
After 8 hours downloading into my new user account the FS is saving my settings, joystick profile etc. Hurray. :clap:t2:
The bad news. Flight tutorials and landing challenges are greyed out.
Where I changed “Win 10” to “Win10”, in the new account, that change is also in my original user account which means some paths are incorrect but that can be sorted.
Any ideas why Tutorials are greyed out? Thank you for your help.

Check the known issues.

All this is now in the Content Manager.

Thank you but have you seen how many threads there are related to Content Manager?
To say I am annoyed is an understatement. I have spent 2 days getting this damned thing to save a setting and now find that tutorials are greyed out and only 2 planes are available when before I had no problems with that. Only the save setting problem. Fix one problem and create more. After two months I have had enough.

Known Issues are not in the threads or posts - it’s a big link at the top of the forum pages:


All content is in the Content Manager (not to be confused with Market Place) of MSFS. This will give the ability to download what you want. I chose not to download Lessons and some Challenges. I don’t see how this creates another problem as it gives the user a choice of what they want to download.

OK thank you. It’s been a looong day. I’ll try that tomorrow.

Using the new account I am able to save settings but, many of my other programs require re-configuring.
So, if I return to my original user account the FS does not run now. I give up. This is far too much hassle for this program. None of my other programs, of which there are many, create this much trouble.
Thank you to those who offered advice.

After another day of frustration I decided to do a clean install of Windows 10 on my 500gb ssd. To cut a long story very short, the sim is working like a dream. All updates now loaded. Very glad I stuck with it.


Thus, Conclusion…

Root Cause:


Please update ZenDesk Ticket an inform Develops about this.

And… you can now also close all of your duplicated bugs :wink:

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Thank you MichalMMA. Will do. Thank you for your time. Stay safe.