Game Settings shared across PCs

There have been a few questions from people asking if MSFS will run on lower end machines. I have an i5 9400f, RTX2060, 32gb ram. This is a recent upgrade and my old pC is an i7 4600, GTX970, 20gb ram. I thought I would install MSFS on the old PC to see what performance was like on a lower end machine. Haven’t finishing optimising it but it is playable.

One thing I noticed is that some settings are shared across the 2 PCs, and other settings are not shared. For instance all graphic settings are unique on each PC even though both use the same XBox id. The old PC defaults to medium while the new PC use mostly high-end or ultra.

However one really odd thing that is shared across both PCs is the rolling cache settings. Since they don’t share any common drives, the rolling cache couldn’t be changed on the 2nd PC and the only option was to turn it off. Also if developer mode is enable in one it also appears in the other.