Game still broken

Its still broken havent played this game in over a month, just flown the a320x halfway in the flight it makes a hard right and over banking! keeps doing circles had to take it off auto pilot and fly it my self the rest of the way! i had it on auto thrust was going 159 knots about to land and it went to full thrust all by it self! so i guess it will be 2 more months for i play this game!

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it’s the mod delete it.

the one that comes with the game sucks more it has all kind of problems

Yeah i agree but i just did a flight with the 320 from kden to kslc and it worked pretty good this time like you said it’s still a ■■■■ plan, but with the mod it’s worse same what happen to you plus afater a while the mouse stops working and can’t click anything, i had to hand fly half way from kden to kphx 3 days ago, so i deleted the a320x mod.

Both of the Boeing airliners have so many issues for me that it would take a book to write them all down. One works one day, is a piece of garbage next. Have deleted and reloaded the modules twice. Now SFO is not in the database of the FMC for either one. Overall it’s still a piece of well it’s no good in my opinion. Things they say have been addressed aren’t.

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Those were what people so call study level aircrafts. Because you have to write down all those bugs and issues in the book and study them everyday :rofl::crazy_face:

I wish I could get the “Project Airbus” Airbus to work in MSFS2020. I still think it was one of the best freebie airliners ever to be released to the flightsim community. :drooling_face: