Game stop

That is several times there are suddenly stop game . All is to begin again.

Stonks go up?!


What do yo want to say ? That I need, there are no philosophical words, but aid and advices .

Sorry but the thread title was asking for it…


Don’t worry about them. They’re making jokes about a stock market issue that happened a few weeks ago with a company called Game Stop. I take it you mean that your game is crashing back to the desktop. If that’s right, can you give us any more details?

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Ok. I begin a flight Paris-New York, Roissy 2.KJFK, with 747-8 intercontinental.
All is correct till about 4000 km ,42000 feet, 275 knots , IFR high altitude. Suddenly, repeated snaps indicating an overspeed. I reduce the speed and obviously, the plane picks up and becomes ungovernable. End of the travel.
Second: Paris-Rome with the same plane. Arrived above Mont Cristo island, total black out: the game stops.
Third: always with the same aircraft, two identic travels on Paris -New York, IFR high altitude at the take off from Roissy, at about 2000 feet, I connect AP. at the first trial, all is correct: speed, direction and altitude are correctly taken. At the second travel, with the same settings, AP doesn’t react and the plane continues right and impossible to change something : end of thr travel. And so on…

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