Game tottaly unplayable with repeat CTD`s

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I cannot even install the game without repeted CTD`s . Event viewer shows a fault in CoherentGTcore.dll. Tried evething, no reply fron zendesk , put here another post which was moved. Any chance at all I do get some propper assistance in this matter. ? Moderators please contact the devs to pass information over as it seems a lot of other people are in a similar situation!

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I too was confronted with this pb. My pb was résolved by appying a vidéo youtube.Diagnostics software gives only diverses and varied causes.
For INTEL Processor:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / system / CurrentControlSet / Services / Intelppm /
clic → value start Reg Dword… (3), set a value of (4)
Since then, no problem and this for several month.
Good luck

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The dload loop was fixed by the devs in an update. This CTD though is a diffrent matter though. What irritates there no news from zendesk yet and on this forums it feels we are left on our own to sort out these sort of matters. No a happy chappy!

Quick update…things look like are stabilising, I did uninstall and DDU(ed) the graphic system. I am currently on Nvidia 511.09 studio driver and looks like… no more crashes. I had to unintall the game and now reistalling as I lost the procedural AI buidings for some reason. Still downloading but with no crashes as before.