Game wont load - Xbox series X version

The game just stopped working last night. I restarted the console several times. Online functionality is good. All other games in my library play fine. This is not a game pass version. I purchased the online version last summer. I can’t get further that the title screen. If I have to uninstall and re-install will I loose all my saved data, as well as my customized settings for my yoke etc?

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No you will not loose it. As long you don’t delete the savegame entry on the console, you don’t loose your settings. What you will loose is the bush trip progress and all addons, as this info is stored in the Reserved Space on the console. I believe by uninstalling the game, this space gets also deletet, but this is a good thing, as the reserved space also includes the rolling cache. Delteting all this stuff at some times makes the Sim way more stable.