GameGlass for MSFS

Anyone try it yet? Here’s the link GG for Microsoft Flight Simulator – GameGlass

I’ve used it for another game, and it’s pretty cool. The functionality for MSFS seems a bit limited, though. So just wondering if anyone has tried it out yet and what you think.

Kind of like AirManager I think. Thanks, I’ll take a look.

It seems that you just build a bunch of small instrument / control clusters (shards) with specific functions for the planes you’re flying and swap them as necessary, which is cool. This would be great for most people that just want a more hands off and hassle-free mouse-less cockpit experience. Doesn’t appear that you can add custom instruments.

We don’t have any idea of a price, but as long as it’s not too expensive, I think this would be a good low cost option for many folks that don’t necessarily want to invest in a more elaborate (although infinitely more versatile) and potentially more costly Air Manager setup.

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