Gamepads/ x-box style controllers bugged?

I’m using one (2nd one/ both bugged) to control drone (on pc with a bunch of different controllers that work as expected) and it loses its assignments, switches assignments, won’t properly save assignments, reverts to default after saving new profiles.

While in the user interface of the sim trying to program the game controller the controller acts like a pointing device/ mouse when you try to see what binding is associated with a button/ axis this is absolutely maddening!

Anybody have any thoughts on what is going on here? Always after a freakin update Uggghh!

Anyone know why the gamepad acts like a mouse controlling the cursor/ pointer while in the interface and menus? I’m on a desktop PC. It acts like I’m using an xbox console. I can’t even search for info on this topic anywhere!

What controller?
Brand name etc.
Did it ever function properly?

Does it show in Windows control panel>hardware and is functioning, calibrated there?

As a PC only user, I was thinking of getting an X-Box controller to fly the drones & cameras in MSFS.

Bearing in account Disconnect issue, etc, would I do better with a Wired or Wireless controller ?

I don’t use an xbox controller, but if i did, it would be wired.

So far, I’m guessing the op has an aftermarket, off brand, non oem, knockoff (readers choice for description) controller that is not compatible with msfs.

As a Camera / Drone Controller, it appears to be a good solution if you are wanting to do a lot of precision Drone work (ie for Video Making or streaming), but yes, there seem to be a lot of inexpensive Knock-Off out there, so Ebay Buyers - beware !!

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Notice the “LB” and the “RB” this refers to gamepad style controller buttons. Does anybody else on a PC desktop have these too?