Gaming Service issue - Again - it's an absolute disaster

One last question still moves me: It is obviously crucial that the Gaming Service app must be available in a specific, correct version, otherwise nothing will work, MSFS will not start. By what process or by which program is a non-correct (old) version detected, which then blocks the program start?
Is it a Windows update that will make the existing version of the gaming service app obsolete?
Or is it a MSFS update in which it’s programmed that a specific (new) version of the gaming service app is required to start the program normally?
Since the gaming service misery has not happened after an MSFS update so far, I suspect a Windows update that is silently running in the background without me noticing. And then out of the blue leads to the blockage of the program. Are my thoughts logical?

These Gaming Services are updated via the Microsoft Store. They are required for Xbox games. You don’t really need to worry about what version you have installed for general use with MSFS; just make sure they are up to date, as they work together with online cloud services and need to be updated.

The Microsoft store updates are automatically installed but often with a delay, which can be an issue if MSFS requires these updates to function properly, so I can recommend checking for updates in the Microsoft Store.

There are constant updates in the MS store, I’ve made it a log-in-to Windows habit to update these apps after starting the PC. You could make a desktop shortcut that will directly jump to the update page of the store. I am not at the PC right now but can share this shortcut later, if you’re interested.

You sometimes must press the “check for update” button for the whole list of available Windows Store updates to show, because of the delay mentioned above – they don’t all show up in the list, if you want to check for available updates.



You can drop that into a browser, and it will redirect you. I’m just looking for a way to get that to work as as URL.

The following works from a script:

start ms-windows-store://downloadsandupdates

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The Microsoft Store can be evoked via a Windows Explorer shortcut.
To create a shortcut you could use the below:

One way to add a Windows Store shortcut is by using C:\Windows\explorer.exe ms-windows-store:updates as the destination. It will look like an explorer.exe shortcut on your desktop but you can change the icon to something recognizable and a name of your choice.

I have it pinned as Store Updates in the Windows Start Menu, which is also an option.

I hope this makes starting updates a bit easier.

Nein, Dein Vorschlag ist absolut nicht “off -topic”, er ist großartig, Danke.
If the gaming service update is crucial for MSFS to work any solution and any suggestion to make this update easier without forgetting is spot on. Thank you, I feel hope that this whole misery is manageable now.

You are wrong mate :wink:

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Sure, if you quote the text like that and choose to not include the end :smiley:

? No worry? Why then the whole gaming service misery I had two times? The right version doesn’t appear by itself, does it? I just began to understand what is important, namely keeping gaming service up to date, isn’t it?

I assume you are not using the preview / beta version of the Windows gaming service @StrohSchema7980 ? - the article above suggests you should leave that version to avoid issues.
I don’t believe there is any other “to-do” when it comes to the gaming services, then to update it. If it is not working, then further troubleshooting is needed. Did you try to update it?

Sorry, but “preview / beta version of Win gaming service” doesn’t mean to me anything. How should I leave something which I’m not aware of? Please help again. I thought I’m close to a solution.

If you did not join any preview version via the Xbox Insider Hub app you probably did not install any preview version. You can check if you have the Xbox Insider Hub installed and look there.

So what is the current status of the Gaming Services on your PC?

Go to Windows Settings > Apps & Features > are the gaming services installed?

Another update came out today.

Under “apps” I see a few Xbox apps (console, game bar, Live, Zubehör) but no “Insider Hub”.
Gaming service is 3.63.31001.0.
But please note it’s the status when I yesterday restored an 1 month old image with working MSFS. Actually MSFS is Win 11 is 21H2 build 22000.556. Right now everything is fine.
If a new gaming service update is out today is it adviced to install it?

At least you have the right version installed.

So are you saying that MSFS now launches okay after you performed a system restore, meaning the thread is done?

so the issue with the gaming services is resolved? and MSFS is working for you?

In general it should not cause an issue, if you update the app (Please close MSFS first if it running).

The store apps are updated automatically from the MS store as well, so you don’t need to but it should not be an issue if you do it yourself.

There have been issues, which you can read about in this forum with updating the gaming services but sooner or later it will require an update anyways.

It’s a similar experience like with the Windows updates - sometimes there are just issues with updates but they need to be installed to keep a Windows system maintained.

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For the moment the issue is resolved.
But I had exactly this situation about 1/2 year ago. Gaming service problem, upload a working image, all fine but then a few months later again, the gaming service block.
From this experience I learn that the whole thing is fragile and cannot be safely controlled. The 100+ recipes that I find here alone show me that there is a fundamental problem here. All suggested solutions don’t really get any closer to the problem. Some users have no problem, others even more but no one knows for sure why.
I used to wonder that Asobo didn’t have a real solution here. My conclusion: They don’t know either, because the basic problem seems to be multifactorial: Xbox + MS Store + Window 11 = chaos. Everyone makes and tinkers but no one knows what the other has done. Too bad.

It is not an Asobo issue; Gaming Services is managed 100% by Microsoft. Asobo is the contractor hired to replace Aces Studio, after MS abandoned FSX.

The downloading issues, patches, hotfixes, et. al. are managed by Microsoft.

I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue now though.

You’re right about the store apps being fragile when updating; they can become stuck sometimes; I’ve had this happen many times - also had issues with these gaming services too - it can be a nuisance and sometimes cumbersome troubleshooting might be required… it’s likely to be the case again but like Sven7Tango also just said above, it’s the technology that is being used with MSFS, which is required for Xbox as well. It’s what Microsoft wants to use for all their current games.

On the positive note the Microsoft Store is being improved in Windows 11 and maybe the stability of updating can be improved and less prone to these typical issues.

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When I was running Windows 10, the OneNote application would refuse to update if I did not start the “Print Spooler” service. :slight_smile:

interesting :face_with_monocle:

You are right, legally speaking. MS is the seller, Asobo is the “manufacturer”. My question is now, which of the two do I have to address so that he solves the “gaming service” problem? Legally I have to address MS, the seller. But have you ever tried to get support from MS for any MS product? There is a list of MS supported products on the support page. Xbox is in, MSFS is not. The only support address which I know is Zendesk, which I have contacted a while ago which has been left unanswered until today.