Gaming Services / Servers - Absolutely INACCEPTABLE!

Please add an User-Friendly offline mode ASAP!

we can do nothing for that, if you arent able to run your servers correctly as they should!

6 months played… never had a single day a problem. So if now there is an issue with xbox server…i think we can survive…


Really? One time the servers fail and you are throwing a tantrum? Honestly I haven’t seen many online games more stable when it comes to the servers. Even during updates. CoD, Elite:Dangerous, TDU2 and several others I’ve played all had server shut downs from time to time. Mostly during every single update or during maintenance.

Also it’s “unacceptable” …


I have just before they add an update everytime issues!
just 2 days ago i made it back in to mfs after an almost 2 weeks odyssey with gaming services etc!!! and thats not just me, just look in here, and u will find many others who complain!

And, what will u do, if your i-net provider sucks?
Or an excavator tears down a cable in your street?

play with your fingers, but not with mfs!

Really, but it’s not just the one time though is it! For an online game the connection/server-status should be way more robust, if it’s not the server then it’s the Xbox login side of the system that causes problems. I have encountered problems trying to log in about 4 or 5 times at least and I only signed up at the start of December!

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Is this Xbox connection issue with msfs only in relation to their servers or is it Xbox connection for everything?

The fact that you are a “Tech Alpha Insider” and posting this kind of nonsense is… interesting.

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Thread closed. If you would like to suggest something please do so with a constructive, detailed post without doing your best to insult the development team.