GAmod - offline version (new GA traffic addon)

Did you disable the stock AI traffic file first?

Yes, with the HTML version.

Did you confirm that it is indeed disabled?, just thought I’d ask.

I had 32gb and had to upgrade to 64gb because i didnt want MSFS to use virtual wam instead of physical DDR ram. I suggest you to increase pagefile to 16gb or 32gb.

I didn’t disable my AI default. I’m running it at 20%, FSLTL at defaults(no GA other than dumping up to 15 parked aircraft on the tarmac) with the mongo AIG model set in the Community folder and flow out to 150M. Got a ton of traffic but played nice with FPS no issues. Even saw a blimp near Key West. I usually test with the FSR500 from palm beach and cross over both Ft Lauderdale and KMIA then out to the keys, so it covers everything from heavy traffic to see if you can find traffic on the way. Plus I can see GAIST and GS traffic. Got close to KEYW and tower was already busy directing traffic out well before I got there.

Should I disable default AI? I did notice a lot of initial GA ramp action with Diamonds and 172’s. Maybe only the traffic in the air is GAmod and the departures are FS AI?

Yes, you should disable the default AI traffic file.

Well the disabling default offline traffic.bgl is basicly first manouver in instruction .pdf file. Im suprised you have missed it.

If all else fails, Read the Instructions…

Heh, disabled it and running 30% traffic tonight(plus fsltl) immediately got a few military aircraft in the mix. Albeit less overall ga traffic density than MS AI. Traffic didn’t seem to impeade fps much if at all. Need to go higher tomorrow.

Offcourse less traffic, because you did disable stock traffic with 70K flightplans. It was extra alond side GAmod. So now you can increase density. Stock traffic injects asobo a320neo´s, thats why it must be disabled.

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Feedback time!

how is GAmod working atm? Still odd behaviour in certain airfields with MSFS? Do you have some suggestion for future features of GAmod? There is no room anymore for mode models, but i can replace some.

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It works so well for me that I don’t even think about it anymore. Almost the moment that I spawn somewhere, planes begin to taxi and takeoff and land. I appreciate how you’ve made some of the extras optional so I don’t have to include things like helicopters, for example if I don’t want them around. I can’t imagine making any changes to it, but I’m sure someone else has some ideas.

It works really well.

I still hope that registers woul be more realistic. We don’t use numbers here in Europe (like OY-123A or D-1234) but letters (like LN-LTR or G-WORD). That change would be highly appreciared and make it more realistic.

I really like your mod Corsten, the only annoying thing for me is the aircraft that like to go roaming when taxiing off the taxiways and into fields and such, but I assume that it’s the sim doing this rather than your coding? :grinning:

Hi All. MANY THANKS for this addon. When it works for me it awesome!!! I am wondering if anyone has experienced a micro “tick” when running this? I have FSLTL installed and I have it dialed down pretty good and all the GA options turned off. I have GA Mod installed successfully and I have the default traffic disabled and the density slider down to 0. Using AIFlow, I have the cull set at a distance of 10 and MAX AI allowed of 15.

The traffic shows up beautifully at first…but over time, the entire simulator starts to experience a micro pause every 1-2 seconds…and it gets worse at it goes. The micro pause shows up everywhere…for the GA traffic, for the FSLTL traffic, for the car-ship-ferry-airport traffic and even the guy that walks through your hangar at the main menu, he micro stutters. Head movement, camera movement…everything is affected.

I also have the Cache and Shader removal tool that I run each time, which doesnt stop the micro tick from developing.

I only have the Models, Flightplans and Military fliles in the community folder. As soon as I remove the 3 files, the ticking stops…but I obviously loose the traffic.

Sorry for the long winded post here…but as a GA flyer in RL, I so want this to work!!! :slight_smile:

Im running an i9 13900KF, 64GB, 4090.

Short video attached.

Thanks All!!

Fresh install of msfs, windows 11, Fresh install of this mod as well, and I can confirm, I get the same stutter. If I hit the stop button in the app, stutters stops immediately.

What stop button? And what app?

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Can you test, have you tick stutter with military traffic only of ga traffic only? So only disable one of those two traffic plans.

Not sure if it has been noted before, but I was following a C135RF tanker and noticed the aircraft lights are in front of the aircraft, not really attached to the structure. I wasn’t able to get a screenshot of it, but maybe this is already known?

Yes it is known. Nut sure big deal.