Garmin / Airbus display resolution improvement

Hi, in reality I don’t have a real technical problem, but I am writing to find the right way to find a solution to the problem that afflicts the poor reading of the displays in VR.
Since using the headset, I have been fiddling with the various configurable settings both in and out of the game. My first research was the right compromise between resolution and fluency. Currently I have found the right setup with render scaling at 60 and super sampling at 1.9 from OTT.
it is evident that using analog aircraft all the instrumentation is perfectly legible, while if we are in front of the various garmins or the airbus displays, the sharpness inside the digital instruments drops a lot.
So I ventured into my personal search for a fix, and by analyzing the panel.cfg of the various aircraft there are parameters that refer to the resolution of the display. While on the airbus 320 I managed to make the writing of the various efis more readable, increasing the resolution and size of the fonts, on the garmin these parameters seem to have no effect.
So I am writing to understand with you what the configuration parameter can be that you can modify to increase the resolution of the garmin and make the reading in vr more understandable.
At present, flying for example with an xcub, we have excellent sharpness throughout the cockpit, but a sort of myopia inside the garmin, a real drop in definition.
I am trying to study to find a fix, but I would need your help in this direction.
Do any of you have any experience on this?

I have zero technical expertise in this area but what I do notice is this. The digital readouts look fine if you lean in toward them and look at them up close, they seem to degrade in visual quality way too much as you sit back in a normal position. It’s like the rendering downscaling is too harsh, the detail is there, they just won’t let you see it. I don’t know how much work they did optimizing the cockpit displays for VR but given the developers lack of attention in many areas of this game I fear the worst, hope for the best.

In my limited time in Xplane VR I did notice that the Garmin displays were much sharper from a normal seated position but the outside world in that game looks like a rancid potato, so give and take on that one I suppose.


You might want to read this explanation*:

WMR Scaling and Dev Tools - Some Explanations

Then review these possible solutions:

[BUG/FEATURE] EFIS Screens Problems and Solutions for higher legibility

*the theory is equally applying to WMR, SteamVR and Occulus

Here, point two in which you talk about the modification to the VCockpit.js file, is the one to focus on in my opinion. I also made tests in this sense, touching both the values ​​of the panel.cfg and those of the js. Changing the resolution in pixels I noticed that a higher resolution does not make any changes, while putting lower values ​​magnifies the overall image of the efis. But everything becomes ugly to see. I found the compromise by only going to enlarge some fonts within the efis that make it more readable. Obviously it is not the definitive solution, but acceptable in vr to have everything else clear too. This goes for the A320.
For Garmin-equipped aircraft, this solution doesn’t seem to work. It is there that I would like to understand better and try to modify the various files. Changing the resolution of the garmin panel.cfg does not seem to make any changes, neither putting higher values ​​nor lowering them.

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