Garmin Approach/ILS procedures

Are there no approach procedures for rnav or ils in the garmin? If so how do I get a refund for this arcade game posing as a simulator? is this a joke?

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If you’re expecting an XP11 type of nav database where you can load procedures while flying - this sim doesn’t have that (yet). For this to work you have to have a flight plan loaded from the world map. You will find correct SID/STARs and even IAP’s but yeah…they won’t load very well while flying. I just attempted to load an ILS via PROC on the G5000 (Longitude) and the sim froze after reloading another feeder…argh.

If Asobo could figure out a way to allow loading of SIDS/STARS/IAPs while flying, that would be excellent (seeing as how XP does it by default…)

You’d think they would have wanted to figure out how to do that before they, you know, sold us a frickin flight simulator…what a disaster.

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I mean I wish that the default planes had that level of sophistication but previous FS iterations have never had stellar default planes… IDK maybe they’ll fix it in a patch.

Are you talking the g1000 or the 3000/5000? The 3000 has had the ability to load approaches on the fly for ages. I cant imagine they got rid of it for the release. Give me an approach you want and I’ll try it to see if its just a bad install.

Taking off vfr without a flight plan, program a direct to and no procedures show up for the airport. Unless I’m mistaken, if my direct to is an aiport, i should get the procedures for it.

Let me try. I think I know the solution but I need to double check. Do you have a preferred plane?

I prefer planes without garmins and with steam gauges, but bonanza or king air thks

K. Give me a few minutes.

You have to program it into the flight plan first, the direct to won’t give you procedures

Yes. Slap in an airport and itll work. I think its helpful to remember that you’re not the target customer and that someone will come along and do things the right way in a few months.