Garmin / Asobo Partnership

I’m glad to hear that Asobo will be taking improving the Garmin’s in game seriously. I’m kinda curious that MS/Asobo have a licensing agreement / partnership - but aren’t using the Garmin trainer software, like all the add-on gauge devs?

Seems like Garmin’s already done most of the work for a lot of their products, and the add-on devs were just creating an interface into the game for the trainer software… and charging $40 for it.

Seems like Asobo could have done something similar and we’d have pretty high fidelity Garmin products in the panel. I’m kinda curious why none of the core devs ( FSX/P3D/XP ) have ever integrated the trainers?


The problem with that is that the G1000 isn’t free like the other Garmin trainers; it costs US$50 and has versions based on aircraft type. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

creating an interface between trainer and sim is not as simple as it seems. It require long R&D to hack the sim code to inject et communicate with var and autopilot of the sim, modify internal code, at runtime, of the trainer, not using gauge interface but hooking directx sim interface to have a nice graphical integration etc… it’s a hard work which deserve the 40$, believe me. especially for the realityXP one (RXP devs have explains me a little), F1 had done more “simple” integration, that’s why it has worth performance and graphics are below). I own both.


There needs to be g1000 functionality in Air Manager for home cockpit builders. All of the glass cockpit aircraft could be flown in a home cockpit using Air Manager on a laptop or separate computer which would be awesome for my home cockpit build.

We run 3 tvs on our main computer with xp11 or MFS2020 and have 3 small 27 inch monitors hooked to a laptop though a docking station to run air manager. If the g1000 worked with AM that would be great.

yeah, i know - that’s gross oversimplification :wink:

it’s just grating to spend $40 on the integration of a free product ( - the G1000 ), something the sim devs, who already have a license with Garmin, should have done…

The software is stand-alone, so it isn’t really designed to work on top of a flight simulator. I would guess that using that would likely take a lot more hardware resources than the current implementation of the Garmin in the sim, which likely isn’t acceptable.

I would love to pay for accurate Garmin avionics (GTN750, G3X, GFC500) add-ons. A partnership with Garmin would be fantastic to get their existing training software integrated.


Please @CptLucky8 if you have something to say about this!

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Please no…

Integration of the Garmin trainers and algorithms is never going to happen - it’s a massive amount of work.

They might be able to popup in a window, purely as a 3rd party training aide, but you can do that manually right now.

Air Manager does work with the G1000. You drag the G1000 screen from XPlane to overlay an AirManager G1000.
AirManager can interface to encoders and buttons via an Arduino.

See Russ Barlow videos on you tube.

Maybe not in the default MSFS, but Flight1 does exactly that for the GNS and GTN trainers in FSX and P3D.

Do they integrate the algorithms? That would require Garmin to publish their source code.

There are a lot of legal and security issues, plus the technical difficulties of transplanting the algorithmn code.

They integrate them through whatever bits are exposed, as far as I know.

…and RealityXP did that as well - both for P3D and XP11, so it’s clearly been done multiple times.

I’m just wondering since Microsoft clearly has a license agreement with Garmin, why they don’t integrate it themselves, rather than doing a home-brew representation of the same thing.

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Well, you’d have to ask them I guess, but the Flight1 and RealityXP ones require people to install the Garmin trainer software. Plus, that wouldn’t do any good for the G1000/G3000/G3X that MSFS uses far more. The G1000 trainer from Garmin is US$50, and is a/c-specific even, meaning the systems part won’t match most of the planes MSFS has G1000s in.

I’d think 90-95% of the feature set is common, which is considerably better than the 30% of features in the current default G1000s

Um, no. Look at what G1000/G3000 does vs the GNS units or even the GTN.

If you believe differently, then I guess there’s a great market opportunity for you to jump on. :small_airplane: :smile_cat:

I mean… just look at the partneship with Textron. They somehow produced horrible aircraft full of bugs.

I’m hoping the SDK will develop further in order to let other developers do a proper G1000/G3000

different feature set isn’t the same thing as different data and integration per aircraft. yeah, obviously it’s replacing the majority of an aircraft’s instruments and those + data aren’t going to be common…

If you read the F1 fine print:

‘The Flight1 GTN can NOT load .PLN files, nor can it display waypoints from FSX loaded flight plans. The Flight1 GTN flight planning saving feature is completely independent of the FSX flight planner/GPS. This is due to the GTN database being newer than the FSX database and the file format of the GTN being locked’

So it’s an embedded Garmin EXE app, meaning you install the Garmin GTN trainer and F1 pops it up conveniently, which is good.

It does NOT mean the sim G1000 will behave like the Garmin GTN trainer G1000. Sorry to shoot down the dream.

However as a G1000 training aid it has great value to simmers.
You could install the GTN trainer and run it on a 2nd monitor alongside MSFS. But there won’t be any flight plan sharing or synchronisation of AIRAC cycles between the two products.

At the moment GTN might be a pain in the nether regions for Asobo, because the Garmin trainer would shine a spotlight all the limitations of the MSFS G1000. Ouch!