GARMIN - Can't Scroll Runway List in PROC Menu

Hello all. I apologize if this has already been reported. There are so many topics on Garmin related issues. I’m not going to read them all.

I was flying into Orlando and was given a landing procedure to follow. I clicked the PROC button, but I could not figure out how to scroll the list of runways. Does this work and I am just an idiot? This used to work, but now it doesn’t. It has been a while since I played the sim.

Please upvote this topic if you are having the same issue. Otherwise, please tell me how to scroll the list of runways. By the way, I was in VR mode if that makes a difference. I only play in VR mode.

I had this discussion with another simmer the other day. I can scroll down the procedures list by just holding down left mouse click, and dragging the scroll line next to the list of procedures down to see what’s below. He/She never could get it to work like I could, and the only difference we’ve found so far is that they were in VR and I’m not.
This was on an unmodded aircraft/Garmin.
So I’m not sure if it’s somehow VR related, or a difference in mouse/controller issues in VR.
You might try in the VR part of the forum to see if anyone there has this issue and if there’s any resolution.

I am at KDTW and I can select a departure runway. No VR,