Garmin Displays bindings

Are there any way to bind the rotating knobs of the Garmin?

Unfortunately not. Not without other external hardware or software.

If you have an Android tablet, check the play store for Glass Cockpit to Sim. It’s payware, but pretty cheap. It lets you try it for 10 minutes for free so you can take it for a brief test drive.

As Crunchmeister said not at the moment without 3rd party software - hopefully this tool will make it a bit easier although it does rely on another 3rd party module to function - details in the linked post.

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Thank you for your info, it’s great news

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I have a Stream Deck XL. I have panels built to control every function on the G1000 and GNS530. I rarely have to use my mouse for anything now other than the touch screen on the G3000 in the TBM and Longitude.

I’m working on de-mousifying my setup - not quite there yet :wink:

Other than a few switches that have no key binds or external interface via simconnect (like inertial separator) and such, I’m almost mouse free.

I’ve actually got an evil plan brewing for the TBM touch screen that I hope works…

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