Garmin G1000 NXI goes/stays dark

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I noticed today that the Garmin remained completely black on the cessna 172 and on the kodiak 100 when I set the slider for the time to night, the garmin became darker until it became completely black. the garmin on the bonanza g36 works perfectly. I haven’t been able to test further.

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Unacknowledged Xbox Update

Using the default livery?

Kodiak 100 Factory…? Skydive, Cessna 172 Default

Topic moved into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft as 3rd Party addons are used.

The Bug Reporting category on the forum is for the base (default) sim with no addons / 3rd Party.

I don’t remember where I read this so I can’t link to a reference. But I read that there is an issue where the starter stays engaged after starting the engine. This causes a large increase in drain of the battery, even with the alternators running. One thing that supposedly can fix this it making sure you do the engine run-ups before takeoff. It has something to do with moving the starter switch during the mag checks, RIGHT > BOTH > LEFT > BOTH, that fixes it. If you don’t do the mag check then the starter switch automatically moves from the start position to the both position and that may not disconnect the starter power draw.

This isn’t just the NXi. It can affect the avionics suite on various different aircraft. I actually had it happen to me once in the Cessna 337. I was taxiing in after a 3 hour flight and the avionics died. I was lazy and didn’t do a runnup before I departed. Since I have been doing the runnups I haven’t had the avionics die on me.

Could be a coincidence. Your milage may vary.

I thought the NXi was causing havoc with a lot of people on xbox lately, a lot of us have dumped it for now. I didn’t have CTD’s with the Kodiak but it just showed all the markers on a black screen. Many talking about dumping it and it solving their CTD issues. Definitely with the Kodiak in particular.