Garmin G1000 NXi Issues and Support

Yes but you don’t file an approach in a flight plan. You might be able to figure out what approach to use now but in an hour when you arrive the weather or conditions might have changed and they’re doing a different approach. So an approach is never filed in a flight plan, even if you can guesstimate what approach will eventually be used.

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Please share a Flight Plan (i.e., generated in Little Nav Map and saved as .PLN) that reflects your plan that doesn’t appear correctly in the sim.

Exactly. There’s no way to even enter an approach in a flight plan. The closest you can do is put it in the comments, and the only time I’d do that is if it’s a local flight (meaning same origin and destination) and I’m doing practice approaches for currency. That way ATC has a heads-up that I want to come right back for an approach (and which approaches), which facilitates communicating intentions.

Even then, the approach itself not going to be part of your route or clearance, except maybe if you use the IAF or a feeder as a waypoint. And I know full well I may not get exactly what I request.

Thank you for the source code link. Re: … as JS has no system for reading or writing to the file system. Well, you could start a local web server that would be responsible for saving and restoring flight plans.

Do you happen to know where the spec is for the .pln file?

I’m having an issue with autopilot waypoint sequencing when making multiple cross country flights in the same session on the G1000.

I start by loading a simple flight plan, say KUDD to L35. I load the departure airport, then the destination airport, and then an approach for that destination. The flight is short, and the first active waypoint in the plan happens to be the first waypoint of the approach procedure. The autopilot performs as expected with all this.

When I arrive at L35, I then go to MENU, and then DELETE FLIGHT PLAN to clear out the original flight plan. Then I load a new flight plan, say L35 to KPSP, then an approach for KPSP, again its another short flight, and the first active waypoint is again the first waypoint in the new approach procedure. This time, although the first waypoint (FERNN, the IAF) goes active, the GPS navigation immediately goes into the SUSP state, and the autopilot will navigate to that waypoint, but then fails to switch to the next waypoint in the sequence. Instead it holds straight and level flight past the first waypoint.

Why doesn’t the autopilot automatically sequence to the next waypoint in the flight plan on this second flight? From what I’ve researched, the advice seems to be that the new approach needs to be ACTIVATED, rather than just loaded, but why is this not the case with the first flight? If i’m clearing out the first flightplan and effectively starting over, why does the autopilot behave differently on the second flight?

I’ve since yesterday some issues with the default Nxi: The Plane symbol in the MFD is gone, and also the CAS messages in the PFD are not longer shown. How can I fixe that? Not using SU12 beta

Hi, is it possible to alter the altitude transition level as it seems set on fl180 and greyed out?


I am delighted to see that with SU12 it appears that TCAS now displays en-route SimConnect injected AI traffic. Big thanks :+1:

Could anyone please test, if the red Display Backup button is still work.

When flying over midnight the PFD clock is not reset to 0 but counts from 24 onwards (see screenshot).


EDIT: It seems the clock correctly counts again at 1 o’clock AM. Thus, only the display of 24:xx:xx should be changed to 00:xx:xx (for consistency).

Using the Kodiak with Garmin G1000NXi I can see a bunch of AI GA traffic in the air and on LittleNavMap but nothing on the G1000 traffic screen.

Is traffic display currently working, or supposed to work? Tried all combos of settings just in case, but no joy.

edit: Just saw this post Garmin G1000 NXi Issues and Support - #356 by CasualClick w/ AI aircraft generated airborne do not get returned with the GET_AIR_TRAFFIC Coherent call - MSFS DevSupport

I guess that answers that?

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I pick up lots of live traffic on the screen. I don’t use AI, so can’t speak to that.

Thanks. Live traffic is different , but good to know that works ok.
It’s an AI traffic issue, if you read the edited links I added.

Switched to F-35, their custom tactical display picks up AI traffic ok.
Makes for a fun intecept and tag mini game/practice, without annoying or disrupting someone’s carefully planned flight.

New here, flying cessna 172 with G1000, in flight the Garmin goes blank, I must have done something to the settings . What can I do to keep the Garmin screen, both sides, working . Any ideas what I need to do, or , open up options , AI problem???THANKS FOR ANY HELP. Suiting Sleet 1152. Thks again.